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Posted October 2, 2015 @ 9:45 pm

We are Jacksonville Professional Process Servers and Courthouse Couriers.

Our Service of process in Jacksonville is the procedure we follow in all states by which a party to a lawsuit gives an appropriate notice of initial legal action to another party (such as a defendant or respondent), court, or administrative body in an effort to exercise jurisdiction over that person so as to enable that person to respond to the proceeding before the court, body, or other tribunal. Generally, a lawsuit starts after we serve the Summons, Order or Citation or your behalf.

Legal notification is provided in Jacksonville when we deliver a set of court documents (called "process") to the person to be served. Each Court and or Federal court has jurisdictional rules regarding the appropriate steps for proper service of process. Typically, a summons, order or Citation and other related documents must be served upon the defendant or respondent personally, or in some cases upon another person of suitable age and discretion at the person's residence. And is some cases we will serve process at place of business, place of employment or at a public location. Service of Process is not limited to a specific address. In fact we have served at restaurants, weddings, carnivals, trade shows, on the beach, on a snow board run and even at a vineyard in wine country.

Proper service of process in Jacksonville initially establishes personal jurisdiction of the court over the person served. If the defendant ignores further pleadings or fails to participate in the proceedings, then the court or administrative body may find the defendant in default and award relief to the claimant, petitioner or plaintiff. The defendant may contest the default in his or her home state. Service of process must be distinguished from service of subsequent documents (such as pleadings and motion papers) between the parties to litigation.

Personal service in Jacksonville by an A.C.E. Professional Process Servers.

We at A.C.E. believe personal service in Jacksonville is service of process directly to the (or a) party named on the summons, complaint, or petition. In most lawsuits in the United States, personal service is required to prove service. Most states allow substituted service in almost all lawsuits unless you are serving a corporation, LLC, LLP, or other business entity; in those cases, personal service must be achieved by serving (in hand) the documents to the "Registered Agent" of a business entity. Some states, e.g. Florida, do not require that the documents actually be handed to the individual. In California and most other states, the documents must be visible to the person being served, i.e., not in a sealed envelope. If the individual refuses to accept service, flees, closes the door, etc., and the individual has been positively identified as the person to be served, the documents may be "drop served" (placed as close to the individual as possible); this is considered a valid service. Personal service of process has been the hallmark for initiating litigation for nearly 100 years, primarily because it guarantees actual notice to a defendant of a legal action against him or her. Personal service of process remains the most reliable and efficacious way to both ensure compliance with constitutionally imposed due process requirements of notice to a defendant and the opportunity to be heard.


Substituted Service by A.C.E. Private Process Servers in Jacksonville

When an individual party to be served in Jacksonville is unavailable for personal service, many jurisdictions allow for substituted service. Substituted service allows the process server to leave service documents with another responsible individual, called a person of suitable age and discretion, such as a cohabiting adult or a teenager. Under the Federal Rules, substituted service may only be made at the abode or dwelling of the defendant. California, New York, Illinois, and many other United States jurisdictions require that in addition to substituted service, the documents be mailed to the recipient. Substituted service often requires a serving party show that ordinary service is impracticable, that due diligence has been made to attempt to make personal service by delivery, and that substituted service will reach the party and effect notice.

Another method of substituted service in Jacksonville is "service by publication" also called "constructive service" in some jurisdictions. We at A.C.E. DO NOT mail service of process for publication. Service by publication is used to give "constructive notice" to a defendant who is intentionally absent, in hiding, or unknown (as a possible descendant of a former landowner), and only when allowed by a judge's order based on a sworn declaration of the inability to find the defendant after "due diligence" (trying hard).

In addition, in some jurisdictions, substituted service may be effected through motion and public notice, followed by sending the documents by certified mail.

A.C.E. Jacksonville Process Serving follows the Laws of the issuing Jurisdiction.

Many states have process serving laws that govern the way service of process is effected, the licensing requirements to effect service, the forms to be used and the time deadlines that service of process may be accomplished upon individual respondents and corporations. For example, in New York service of process may require licensing of the process server. Generally, there are specific procedures and rules for most courts, from local small claims courts to United States District courts. Each court has specific rules, forms, guidelines and procedures which must be followed in order to successfully effect service of process. Failure to follow these guidelines may deem the attempted service improper. Indeed, many defendants in court hearings use the affirmative defense of "I was not served" as an often successful line of defense in any lawsuit. We. Are familiar with all applicable laws at the state level and federal level. So nor worries!

Jurisdiction in Jacksonville

It is universal that the laws of service of process must follow the laws that apply to the court that issues the process. A bias or confusion occurs in many jurisdictions where service is made. In Florida, for example, process servers seem to suggest Florida laws apply to all service of process made within the territory of Florida. In this reference, section 48.195 implies an authority of Florida process servers to serve foreign process. This was added to allow sheriffs to serve foreign process within limitations as the section provides, but it does not, and cannot give exclusivity, to state sanctioned licensed approved process servers to foreign process. This interpretation, however prevalent and beneficial to Florida.

Subpoena Services in Jacksonville as provided by A.C.E. Professional Process Servers

A subpoena in Jacksonville is a legal document issued by an Attorney, Clerk of the Court and or a writ issued by a government agency, most often a court, to compel testimony by a witness or production of evidence under a penalty for failure. There are two common types of subpoena:


Subpoena ad testificandum in Jacksonville orders a person to testify before the ordering authority or face punishment. The subpoena can also request the testimony to be given by phone or in person.

Subpoena duces tecum in Jacksonville orders a person or organization to bring physical evidence before the ordering authority or face punishment. This is often used for requests to mail copies of documents to the requesting party or directly to court.

We also specialize in Locating and Skip Tracing; Finding: Heirs, Debtors, Witnesses, Defendants, Jurors, Deadbeats, Birth Parents and Missing Children in Jacksonville. And, of course, we are Courthouse Couriers in Jacksonville too.

We will serve your Summons, Notice, Order, Citation, Demand, Writ, Eviction, Foreclosure, Notice or Subpoena to anyone or business anywhere in Jacksonville!

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Jacksonville, Florida Process Server Service

A.C.E. Jacksonville, Florida professional process servers offer fast and reliable process services.

Service of Process in Jacksonville, Florida requires on time management skills, accuracy, knowledge of the laws relating to the proper way to serve your documents and tenacity. For twenty years A.C.E. authorized process servers have earned the reputation of being the most dependable and consistent service providers in Jacksonville, Florida and have an impeccable record of success. Very few, if any, process server companies can offer you the experience, communications, follow up and flawless affidavits of service as A.C.E. does. A.C.E. Process Servers offer an unconditional guarantee for the way process serving services are performed. A.C.E. process servers are situated throughout Jacksonville, Florida and assure success! To retain our process services and to have your service request activated within hours, please, Contact us now


Our Jacksonville, Florida Professional Process Servers are available to assist you immediately. We provide fast, dependable and excellent service. Contact “A.C.E. Process Servers” for a quote or to learn more about why “A.C.E.” was voted the “Best Process Servers” for eleven consecutive years! When you reach out to us, an A.C.E. Process Server will be available to discuss your process serving needs in Jacksonville, Florida and any other locations you may have. All communications are confidential and private.



Service of Process Services in Jacksonville, Florida are provided by experienced professional process servers. Our Private Process Servers have many different titles and are known throughout the United States as the following:

  • Constables
  • Sheriff Appointed Process Servers
  • Certified Process Servers
  • State Licensed Process Servers
  • City Process Servers
  • Town Process Servers
  • Statewide Process Servers
  • Private Process Server
  • Constable Process Servers
  • Authorized Process Servers
  • Court Process Servers
  • Processing Agents
  • Processors
  • Processing Couriers
  • Court Couriers
  • Legal Messengers
  • Lawful Couriers
  • Attorney Support People
  • Legal Support Agents
  • Court Runners
  • Processors
  • Processing Agents
  • Processor Servers
  • Professional Process Servers.

Our Process Servers guarantee timely results!

Whatever name you are familiar with or prefer to use, we can assure you, all the above names are who we are and who will deliver your important legal papers. Your Process Service request in Jacksonville, Florida will be handled by the best and most experienced Authorized Process Server.

As you know, the legal system is a complex world of voluminous legal service transactions relating to service of process. Every minute of the day a process server in all cities throughout the United States is delivering a legal document to a witness, defendant, respondent, heir or some other party to a lawsuit. The diversity of documents served by process servers in Jacksonville, Florida are no different than anywhere in the nation. That is, legal documents are intended to give notice to a person or business entity to establish jurisdiction. The actual names of the documents served vary from state to state and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For the purposes of informing you, we created a list of the most popular named legal documents our process servers served in Jacksonville, Florida this year. The list of named legal documents keeps growing as the legal community finds reasons to extend and expand legal rights to plaintiff’s, witnesses and defendants involved in litigation.

A.C.E. Process Servers has served all types of legal court documents, delivered notices and demand letters to just about everywhere in Jacksonville, Florida. Our process serving experience is extensive and we are substantially experienced to handle all your process and delivery needs.

Here is our list of the most popular legal papers served in Jacksonville, Florida :

  • Cease and Desist Orders
  • Child Custody Summons and Petition
  • Child Support Summons and Petition
  • Child Visitation Summons
  • Circuit Court Actions
  • Citations
  • Civil Court Actions
  • Collection Letters
  • Corporations & Municipality Notification Letters
  • County Court Notices, Courtesy Copy Letters
  • Court Order
  • Demand for Payment
  • District Court Actions
  • USDC Bankruptcy Subpoena
  • USDC Subpoena
  • USDC Summons
  • Divorce Actions
  • Divorce Summons and Complaint
  • Evictions Summons
  • Family Court Orders
  • Federal Court Actions
  • Five- Days’ Notice to Tenant
  • Fourteen Day Notice
  • Foreclosure Summons
  • Garnishments
  • Hold Over Petition and Notice
  • Judgment
  • Judgments
  • Landlord Tenant Actions and Notices
  • Lis Pendens
  • Matrimonial Orders
  • Modification Orders
  • Motions
  • Non-Payment Petition and Notice
  • Notice of Claim
  • Notice of Claims
  • Notice of Delinquency
  • Notice of Motion and Motion
  • Notice of Pendency
  • Notice Terminating Tenancy
  • Notice to Cease and Desist
  • Order of Protection
  • Order to Show Cause
  • Orders
  • Orders to Show Cause
  • Out of State Legal Actions
  • Paternity Summons and Petition
  • Petitions
  • RJI Orders
  • Small Claims Proceedings
  • State Court Actions
  • Statement of Claim
  • Subpoena Ad Testificandum
  • Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • Subpoenas
  • Records, Witness, Custodian of Records, Duces Tecum, Medical Records, Financial Information and Telecommunication records
  • Summons & Complaint
  • Summons & Petition
  • Summons and Complaint
  • Superior Court Actions
  • Supreme Court Actions
  • Termination of Employee
  • Termination of Tenancy
  • Thirty-Days’ Notice to Tenant
  • Three-Days’ Notice to Tenant
  • Writ of Garnishment and various Writs

The apparent complexity of legal system of court issued papers requires our Jacksonville, Florida Process Servers to understand the contents of each document and the laws governing the way service of process is made. There is no difference when a process server in Jacksonville, Florida is asked to properly serve a legal document than any other city in the United States. We are a professional process service business in Jacksonville, Florida and a nationwide provider of Private Process Services. As experienced and knowledgeable process servers we can assure our Jacksonville, Florida process servers are informed and directed through the guidance of our management staff that consists of a small team of experienced process servers. Each process server is advised of the laws of the issuing jurisdiction and is directed to serve and deliver process carefully, properly and by a certain date. Aside from meeting the requirements of proper service of process and critical deadlines, the Jacksonville, Florida process server who performed service will sign a compliant proof of service / affidavit that will meet the requirements of the issuing court. All affidavits are notarized, scanned, sent by email and the original affidavit is sent by US Mail or as you direct us otherwise.

Our Jacksonville, Florida process servers carry corporate checks which can be used for advancing witness fees and or to pay fees to a clerk of the court filing and or obtaining records. In addition, out Jacksonville, Florida Process Servers utilize Scanners for documents and digital cameras to produce images where and when needed. Our flexibility, availability and use of the latest technology assures you will be working with a Jacksonville process server who is capable of assisting you at any time and any place in Jacksonville, Florida

Within the realm of our experience and application of the laws in Jacksonville, Florida we have encountered a wide range of elusive witnesses and defendants. Many simply evade service and not answer the door and or simply lie about the whereabouts of the person who we are trying to serve the papers to. Our Process Servers in Jacksonville, Florida are accustom to working with and figuring out a strategy to serve these types of individuals. Basically, if the person lies or evades, we create a plan of action to outwit the sneaky or allusive person. We consider ourselves experts in this area of the business and you can depend upon us to get the job done properly.

We offer specially timed and personalized service of process in Jacksonville, Florida too. Our Rush and same day process services are offered to anyone seeking assistance with serving and delivering time sensitive documents or letters. Our Private Process Servers in Jacksonville, Florida are equipped with the appropriate technology and mobile devises in their vehicles affording them the ability to receive documents via email or fax and be able to print them without having to drive back to an office or third party printing store. Our local Jacksonville, Florida process servers, as well as all of our Process Servers Nationwide, are prepared to react to the needs of our clients’ immediately. Our company office is managed by process experts and they will work closely with you and our process servers to assure compliance and an appropriate finalization of your service.

Professional Process Servers, Superior Management and Dependable Results

Our professional process servers in Jacksonville, Florida are experts with service of process. Our process service offerings are managed and operated by a small task force of processing agents who have extensive experience and knowledge about how to serve legal court documents, subpoena’s, notification letters, demand letters, and even deliver courtesy copies of documents. When you hire an A.C.E. Process Server in Jacksonville, Florida you are engaging the services of a team of qualified and licensed process servers and private investigators who manage every step and aspect of your service. For your information, our process service organization consists of a significant professional group of field agents with a wide variety of titles and names. Our Jacksonville, Florida agents, whatever title and name they utilize, are available to provide you with personalized service and immediate attention.

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